Sonntag, 14. Oktober 2007

Today in english

Don't ask me why, but today I decided - just on my "usual" course - through the control zone of Berlin - to speak to the controller(s) in english. Maybe it was, because I ought to be able to do it in english. I have got the BZF I! Yes, I have. What is it? It's the "Beschränkt gültiges Sprechfunkzeugnis I für den Flugfunkdienst", the german license for radio communication in flight. Class II is in german only, Class I also in english.

So, I should be able to manage it! And was I? Of course! Mmm, let's say, I was able to splutter it. The normal phrases were okay, but everything beside was not so easy - even it was spoken by the controller extremely fast.

But everything went fine, I did my normal "patrol flight": Entering the control zone via PAPA, crossing Tegel EDDT midflield, then via OSKAR into the Tempelhof sector, then a slight turn to the right: over Teufelsberg, the forrest of Grunewald, the river Havel, Wannsee. Then a turn to left to proceed to Tempelhof EDDI via Steglitz. A nice low approach over the 09R was real fun, then via ECHO2 and ECHO1 back to Strausberg.

A nice getaway on weekend's end...

KMZ-File: 2007-10-14-EDAY.kmz

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