Samstag, 29. Mai 2010

Along Havel and near Potsdam

Today, I decided to start my "mandatory" flight over Berlin from the north. So I flew to reporting point PAPA, asked ATC to enter the control zone for a flight over Berlin-Tegel airport and exit the CTR via WHISKEY -- what means: over the beautiful Wannsee and Glienicker Brücke. After passing OSKAR, I went along the river Havel instead of following the regular WHISKEY route. With permission from ATC, of course.

When outside the CTR, I went to the south of the wonderful city of Berlin and re-entered the control zone via SIERRA for a shot look to the construction site of BBI. Then straight to ECHO1 (the Schönefeld controler asked me for) for leaving, which brings me an awesome view to the Müggelsee. A quick turn to the cement mill in Rüdersdorf and back to EDAY.

As a little extra, I became a witness (at least acoustical - what means: on the radio) of our beloved chancellorette flying back from the river Oder to her Kanzleramt (which was "North of Tiergarten" on the radio) with a German Airforce Helicopter. Yes, I mean the genius, that - a few days later - decided together with Spaßpartei FDP to do a "Sparpaket" (austerity package), that treates the rich with care, but charges those, who have less anyway. Brilliant idea, really! To be a politician must be such a great thing: Selling crap as gold, and therefor earning full supply. From those, who bought the crap.

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